Hungry Shakespeare

The life of a puppet is lonely and dull, for they have no voices of their own. They rely on the kindness of others to bring life to their words, and expression to their deepest secrets. No more shall this injustice continue!

Hungry Shakespeare is an online magazine where finger puppet Shakespeare and his team of puppet writers bring to you their favorite things, from reviews, to recipes, to the mysteries of life. Read more about our puppet staff below, and like us on Facebook, so you can help us grow and spread the words of puppet-kind.

The Bard of Avon

William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon, was born in 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. In his later years, he became a successful and prolific playwright, poet, actor, director, and theater owner.  His plays–all thirty-seven of them–revealed human nature in all its beauty and ugliness and depth and singularity. The complexity of his characters, the power of his language, and the wisdom of his tales set the standard for true literature.

These days, Shakespeare lives in a quiet Russian neighborhood in Queens with his significant other, Alice. During the day, he teaches English at a public high school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. At night he travels to restaurants and venues throughout New York City, and shares his favorite places with visitors to hungryshakespeare.com.

Alice in New York Land

Alice is best known for spending her childhood falling down rabbit holes and stepping into mirrors that lead to peculiar and surreal wonderlands.  Now all grown up, she has followed William Shakespeare to an even more peculiar place known as New York City where she has begun a career as a software developer techie extraordinaire.  In her spare time she enjoys dangling from curtains in a ballerina-esque cirque fashion.  Read about her adventures and follies in this strange land she has come to call home.

Maximilian Penguin

It is a tightly-kept secret among only the truest of Shakespeare scholars that William Shakespeare kept a pet penguin.  His name was Maximilian, and he was Shakespeare’s closest confidant and badminton partner. Today, Maximilian lives in Antarctica where he enjoys badminton, learning the ukulele, and singing along to Rick Astley while he’s stuck in traffic.  He also loves to experience new vegan recipes.  He adopted a vegan diet because he cares about the environment, even though he relishes calamari and sushi.  He has an immense fear of being trapped on an ice floe because of rising waters and climate change.  Maximilian is one hungry penguin, so if you ever encounter him in your grocer’s frozen aisle,  make sure you never stand between him and the Soydream.  He has never found a better badminton partner since he parted ways with Shakespeare a number of years ago.  He was so depressed about this that he nearly abandoned the sport entirely. He hopes this blog will bring them closer together and closer to their Olympic dream.

Maximilian’s caretaker lives in Houston, Texas, where she practices law.  She regularly consults with Maximilian on his blog and acts as his sous-chef. She chops and minces at his direction, and helps him put on his little chef’s hat in the mornings.

Anna The Angry Gorilla

Anna, The Angry Gorilla, comes from a long line of even angrier gorillas, one of whom was rumored to have had a nasty encounter with a distant relative of William Shakespeare; fur flew and things got ugly and one of the parties involved may or may not have been violently eaten, mostly in the face and head. Anna has made it her life’s mission to somehow make up for her angriest family member’s past by joining William in his quest of writing things about stuff, mainly movies, and not very good ones.

A Special Thanks To The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild!

The William Shakespeare and Alice in Wonderland finger puppets were used with permission of the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild. Although the views expressed on hungryshakespeare.com are our own, and bear no relation to the opinions of the Guild, you can get your own finger puppet at their website under “Puppets”:


Thank you to The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild for creating these very awesome puppets!