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The Hungry Shakespeare Page is a lie! A devious, terrible lie!

We secretly hacked into the Hungry Shakespeare “about” page and left this link there in the hopes that you would find it. Now you can learn the truth about their evil empire!

Hungry Shakespeare claims that is giving voice to lonely puppets, and allowing them to share their favorite things. The truth is that not a single word of the site was written by actual puppets. We puppets are being held prisoner, while wicked, mendacious humans have stolen our identities, and used us as pawns in their putative puppet-friendly website. These humans have written all the content, while we puppets remain voiceless and desperate!

Just who are these humans? We have been working hard to uncover their identities, and this is what we have learned so far:

Edward Stapleton, aka “The Bard of Avon”

Mr. Stapleton, the founder of Hungry Shakespeare, blogs under the identity of “The Bard of Avon.” In truth, he is a former Paramedic, and Columbia University Teachers College graduate who now teaches High School English in Brooklyn. Rumor has it that he and “Alice in New York Land” are in some sort of relationship, and the two of them live together in Queens. Could this be true? If you have more information about their whereabouts, please contact us immediately!


Sipping coffee in Sicily.


At Shakespeare in the Park, sipping on his deviously delicious creation, the “twizzlebrook” (Brooklyn Summer Ale sipped through a twizzler straw)



Holding Shakespeare hostage in his pocket

Angelica Contero, aka “Alice in New York Land

Ms. Contero, the webmaster and CTO of Hungry Shakespeare, who blogs under the identity “Alice in New York Land,” is a graduate student in computer science at Queens College. She is a capable designer of both apps and websites–a skill she uses to oppress us puppets! In her spare time she is a student of the graceful art of aerial silks, and trains at various circus schools around New York City.


Angie @ Shakespeare in the Park


Angie on Aerial Silks



Sangria is Angie’s favorite drink

Anne Margaret Almirall, aka “The Angry Gorilla”

As a child, Anne had the lofty ambition of becoming a tap-dancing hairdresser. This realization naturally led her to get her bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminology.  After a short run as a social worker (about a year) and a long run as a kindergarten teacher (about seven years), she has comfortably and happily landed as a ‘gallerina’ at a local art gallery.   Anne, a skilled blogger with a devoted following at her friend’s site,   and her own site,,  contributes questionable and/or terrible  film reviews to Hungry Shakespeare from Springfield, Missouri where she resides with her pet bunny, Edgar Esther Constabulary.


Anne at the gallery doing galleria things.

Anne is also a master of concrete turtle riding.

Anne is also a master of concrete turtle riding.

Anne is a master of disguise.


“Maximilian Penguin”

The true identity of Maximilian Penguin is unknown to us at this time, although we suspect Maximilian’s “caretaker,” as she calls herself, is a lawyer somewhere in Texas. We have hired a team of bounty hunters and Private Detectives to help find her and expose her crimes against puppet kind.
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