Our January-February issue is here! Click on the cover page below to explore the artwork, poetry, and prose of our debut issue.

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HungryLit’s debut issue!

HungryLit¬†is Hungry Shakespeare’s online Literary Magazine. This is a virtual space where the poetry, stories, artwork, music, short films, and philosophical musings of both our staff writers and qualifying reader submissions.

Every two months we accept submissions from aspiring, creative artists–the kind of people who have some seed of genius gnawing at their brains and are yearning to give that piece of themselves to the earth before time steals from their short life everything that is precious and all the brilliant sparks of energy igniting their brains into food fit for mealworms. We are especially looking for experimental work that challenges the definitions of genre, identity, and all that is normal and ordinary.

Submissions are free, with a limit of three submissions per person. Our five best submissions every month will be published on our website and, at the end of the year, in the HungryLit anthology published through

There is currently no prize for submitting, except the publicity of being .

All writing should be under 1,500 words (although we may accept longer writing if it is really, really good), and be entirely original and unpublished when sent to us. We accept the following submission categories:

  • Multi-Genre Fiction or Non-Fiction
  • Artwork (jpeg files)
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Short Fiction
  • Short Plays
  • Poetry
  • Aphorisms, Rants, and Philosophical musings
  • Essays
  • Original Songs (youtube videos may be featured on the site/ song lyrics and/or sheet music may be published in the anthology)

To submit your work, email Include a bio and contact information.