Donna Stapleton

I’m Not in Love with You Today

By Donna Stapleton

A keep set strong above yon moat
Might yet by shifty sappers fall.
Would you laugh and would you gloat
At maiden you refused to call?

Towering, raging to and fro
As waves that crash upon the shore
Feelings bide and feelings go
Till head doth ache and heart is sore.

From battered heart to tight clenched gut
Ducking warnings all the way
Twistings, turnings all aglut
As voices in my skull cry Nay!

Tho one morns’ sunrise could reveal
A heart recaptured, weak and fey
Upon the rack and neath the wheel
I’m not in love with you today.

What past deed hath now decreed
That I should weep and hurt this way?
Did I such wrong to others do
To now deserve  what comes from you?

And wherefore doth the poets claim
That Love shouldst so be sought most high
When all that I perceive is pain
And proof that it is all a lie.

If wish alone could win for me
A slate wiped clean and thoughts released
Id wish that it could come to be
That memry and that love had ceased.

Yea that Id ne’er perceived thy face
Or tasted of thy nectar sweet
If I’d not bathed in thy full grace
And on that day we didst not meet.

Yea once did I believe the Bard
In matters of Love lost.
But that was long before I did
Perceive what it would cost.


About the Author:

Donna Stapleton is a world-traveling Registered Nurse who has made her home in different areas of New York ranging from Manhattan to both shores of Suffolk County in Long Island. Her published writing to date has been in the medical field but she has always had a passion for prose and poetry and her favorite flavor ice cream is ginger (but it can only be found in certain Asian restaurants and is never sold retail). This is, in fact, her first entry in a poetry contest. A member of the Long Island Creative Vortex as well as Live Art Fusion, group and solo shows of her oil paintings have received critical acclaim at Studio East Gallery in Greenport,  the Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills as well as many public venues and festivals. Her greatest creation, however, is the feat of having raised two wonderful children that she adores more than life itself.