By Megan Cannon

In Pound’s translation, something settles in me Something I often repeat,

And something I will repeat – Forever and forever and forever

– As one repeats a mantra.

The simplistic beauty,
The few words conveying the universal, infinite wish – Make me believe it is a wish worth having.

I desire that desire;
I yearn to know someone so well, to think of someone so deeply, That I long for our smallest senses to mesh.
That I ache to unite into eternity.

And perhaps this is selfish, indulgent –
Nothing more than feeling overwhelmed by a writer – By his clarity, his beauty, his truth –
Perhaps it is nothing more
Than wanting to feel, to emote,
Solely for the sake of the experience –

But even so – –
I desire my dust to be filled with this want. To crave and to quest,
Forever and forever
And Forever.


About the Author:

Megan Cannon is a student at Southwestern University, and is okay with the fact that you’ve probably never heard of her school. She is a fan of food, words, puns, and pop culture (probably in that order). She’s extremely obsessive and needlessly compulsive, and is probably the real-life version of Liz Lemon, minus the successful career and the fact that Liz Lemon’s boyfriend is James Marsden…which only means that she invented the concept of “night cheese”. When she isn’t heavily (and perhaps, alarmingly) identifying with fictional characters, she writes, cooks, and procrastinates. She has difficulty writing about herself and, as you may have noticed, finds it difficult to take such a task 100% seriously. You can read her internet-worthy thoughts on Twitter @megangracemae, or contact her (for criticisms, questions, or any other reason) at mgcannon@gmail.com.